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Tree Structure - Munnuru Kapu

Munnuru Kapu is primarily concentrated in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. By Occupation they are Farmers. The Munnuru Kapus had a military origin and took to Agriculture during peace Times. The name Munnuru seems to be of a recent origin, which means three hundred. There are several sources of Origins.A few are mentioned below. Modern days' Munnuru Kapus have diversified and adopted other Occupations like Trading, Industry,Politics, IT etc. Munnuru Kapus are also called Telugus, Telengas, Munnurwar, Telenga Kunbi and Thopatkari.Some of these people apparently moved to Chanda region from Telugu country travelling along rivers Godavari and Pranahitha. There was an Ancient Legendary rivalry that lasted for decades between the Munnuru kapus and the Mudiraj community during the Kakateeya rule. This was a Professional rivalry between to Military Clans. The Mudiraj's was associated with the Devarakonda Velamas.

King GanapatiDeva of the Kakatiya Dynasity during the establishment of the Kakateeya Empire and expansion needed the Support of local Agragarian Communities from the Coastal Andhra Region where the Kakateeya Kingdom still did not establish its Power and was mostly under the rule of the Telugu Chodas(Telaga) and Chalukyan Princes.In order to bring legitimacy to the Kakteeyan rule and to strenghthen its roots the King requested the migration of Three Hundred Familes of Kapu/Telaga Soldiers from the Kondavidu Region of the current Krishna District. These people who migrated with Three Hundred Families are called Munnuru Kapu.This migration could be dated back to around about 900 years.

Queen RudramaDevi of the Kakateeya Dynasty wanted to bring large tracts of the Kakateeya Kingdom primarily the Telangana Region into Cultivation. With her Alliance with the Chalukyan Prince came the migration of these Agriculturits from the Curent Krishna District in Coastal Andhra region .And Three Hundred Kapu Naidu/Telaga Families were dispatched by the prince to bring these vast Tracts of land in Telangana under Cultivation. These three hundred families are called as Munnuru Kapu.

The Nawab of Hyderabad requested the Tanjavore Nayaks to send a battalion of best infantry and cavalry for his personal security. The Tanjore Nayak dispatched three hundred Telaga men and their families from were the Imperial guard of the Tanjore Nayaks. The descendants of these three hundred families are now called Munnuru Kapu.

There is also a reference of Perikas (Community found in Rayalaseema) fighting a great battle with Three Hundred Balijas to prove their valour. Since there was no community called as Munnuru Balija it should have been Munnuru Kapus who fought this battle.Since the Kapus are referred to as Balija Naidu in Rayalaseema. In Telangana region of Andhra pradesh Munnuru Kapu's have Reddy name in many places. It is very difficult to differentiate between Reddy and Kapu in Nizamabad, Adilabad and Karim nagar districts. Kapus have sub castes like gudati, Motati and Saudar which are very common among Reddy's too.

The Munnuru Kapu's have always been associated with one Kingdom or the other in the form of Interior Palace Guards or Cavalry like Tanjavore Nayaks,Devarakonda, Nizam etc.